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"As a mother of a young child, I didn't want to think of leaving her behind. The Estate Director documents gave me the opportunity to think about who I would want to take care of her and how I would like that to happen. The Estate Director also gave me a place to record memories that would be lost with me should I pass before sharing them."
    -  Robyn, from Arizona


"I was an accountant and business manager for over 20 years. I've served as a trustee of a trust, and know the importance of having this information available, especially if it is organized as presented. Most estate plans I've seen don't include anywhere near this amount of information, nor does it include this kind of detail.

I have personally lost two close friends who were attorneys and clients of mine. As I began to work in settling their estates, I was amazed at the amount of information I didn't know and needed. And I hated every call to loved ones to gather that information."
    -  Jerilyn L. Evans-Graff, Retired Accountant


"As an insurance professional and advocate of not procrastinating estate planning, it is refreshing to see such an uncomplicated and self explanitory way of making your final wishes known. Knowing the questions before meeting with a licensed estate planner helps to maximize your time together and ensures a well thought out and complete estate plan. The Estate Director is one of the best systems I have ever seen."
    -  Michael Combs, Insurance Professional

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Download the complete Estate Director guide to last wills and trusts. The Estate Director especially benefits those in the earlier planning stages and complements most existing estate plans.

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